TECALEMIT TecSonic tank monitoring solution

When a new shiny toy hits the market, every body races to get it out and talk about its features and pricing. We do things a little differently, we test and test until we are satisfied. But we don’t test to what we think fits the market; we test to solve existing problems or shortcomings. One of the biggest touch points has to do with quality and field durability. The new TECALEMIT TecSonic tank monitoring solution carries an impressive run of over 15 years of field use with stellar results.  Consequently, the decision to make these units available for the North American market was made as a benefit to our industry.

This is one of the multiple value added points that we will bring up this week, so join us as we explore this new product line up.

P.S. Those of you scheduling online demos now; we will be also discussing the future of tank leveling monitoring because staying at the same level as everyone else does not fit our forward thinking.

Questions on the new TECALEMIT TecSonic tank monitoring solution?  Email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com