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Ok we are back this afternoon with something that keeps popping up. You see, lately we have been fielding calls about suggestions on whether a true Automated Fuel Inventory Management Systems is needed for small or medium size fleets.  I thought it was important to highlight a few points here and share with our readers … if you are considering purchasing or perhaps starting to look into the need to leave your old system behind… then this entry is for you!  One of the great things about our industry that I personally enjoy, is the fact that we are just so used to doing things a certain way, and that routine has been set into our habits for as long as our industry has been around.

Case in point, take the fact that it still amazes me to see how some fleets today, still implement paper fuel tracking.  Surely, this has worked for sometime but the real question begs, how efficient are you being?  As fleets grow, the demand for manual paper tracking becomes more challenging, perhaps you need to add more personnel to handle the growth of your vehicles and drivers, thus adding more costs to maintain and manage your existing system.

Add to this, the fact that fuel prices are only heading in one direction, and it is not down. So, if you are a small, medium, or large fleet considering implementing an automated fuel management system to help you better manage and track your fleet fuel usage. then the TECALEMIT Wonderbox management system may be a good fit for you.

Tecalemit wonderbox fuel management systemImagine, your driver steps back into the yard only to have forgotten and lost the latest recorded vehicle milage, or to realize that the information turned in was written down incorrectly.  The temptation of fuel theft or shrinkage has become a greater concerns for fleet managers and so w come back to the original question that got us here. Through the implementation of an automated fuel management system, such as the TECALEMIT  Wonderbox management system; you can now track your vehicles and drivers fuel usage, completely by passing the your dated fuel tracking manual process.

The Wonderbox management system records vehicle information without driver intervention (this is set up in the included HD manager software), while still providing complete accountability.  Another benefit of this automated fuel tracker management system is that your vehicle maintenance can be improved by looking at historical data from the vehicle to the fleet maintenance software. So if you believe your current system of fuel tracking and managing fleet fuel usage is not providing complete accountability then perhaps going paperless will help reduce your fleet fuel costs and improve your existing efficiencies. 

You are now allowed to loose the paper stacks, kick back, and organize your work life so that everything is filed electronically with adjustments being made at the click of your mouse.  Enter your drivers, enter your vehicles, enter your preferences and limitations, export and use your data to forecast and manage.  The HD Manager is part of your purchase, no need to commit to high dollar software systems, and you can use Microsoft Excel to import data into for final manipulation.  All this from a systems that is intuitive and simple to use.

Welcome to a new experience in fuel tracking…

Tecalemit wonderbox automated fuel management system.

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