DEF Pump - Hornet W85 DEF Transfer Pump

TECALEMIT’s HORNET W85 – DEF Pumps above the competition.

TECALEMIT’s HORNET W85 – is a unique offering of def pumps that are a notch above the competition.


The HORNET W85 isn’t the newest character on your kid’s lunchbox, but it is a super hero of sorts.  This featured brainchild of TECALEMIT is a patented hybrid pump that brings functionality and accessibility to your growing business.  With more feet of dispensing hose than standard units and a design that controls thermal issues, the HORNET W85 seems like the pump of the future, but available to solve your current problems today.  In the first of this three-part series, we’re addressing the everyday pains experienced with most fluid pumps and the solutions that the HORNET W85 can provide as our first answer to def pumps.

Common Complaints For Typical Pumps:

not enough suction or dispensing

not a true self-prime

wear of the impeller

inability to have continuous flow

leaking around rotating shaft

pump overheating

Not Enough Suction or Dispensing

Our competitors only offer half as much suction lift, limiting the distance of the suction point you are able to work with when confined to a small space.  The HORNET W85 line of def pumps provides 13 ft of suction lift; we also offer an add-on of 150 ft of dispensing hose.  The HORNET W85 is capable of easily handling projects that the other pumps can’t handle and the examples are just getting started.  

Not A True Self Prime

Although most pump casings must be filled with fluid to create the first prime, with our true self-priming design, you save time and effort by letting the HORNET W85 do all the dirty work.  No pre-filling needed.  

Wear of the Impeller

To best explain the technology behind the HORNET W85 pump, click on this link for a better visualization.  This demonstrates that once the pump starts working, our one-of-a-kind hybrid technology brilliantly exposes the blade ends, working as a vein pump.  After the fluid is primed, the blade ends retract, protecting it from everyday wear and tear.  It then continues working, acting as a centrifugal pump and extending the life of your equipment.  

Inability to Have Continuous Flow/Leaking Around Rotating Shaft

Here’s the real kicker.  Our unique design separates the proximity between the motor and the chamber, protecting the internals, preserving seals, and preventing  overheating of the pump, making it possible to have a continuous duty cycle that others simply can’t provide.  Whether you need to dispense 1,000 gallons or 10,000 gallons in one shot, the HORNET W85 is the only end user pump in the market that will do it for you.  

Pump Overheating

Once again, we can attribute this solution to its clever design.  Because of the space between the motor and other moving parts, The HORNET W85 pump is protected from excessive overheating.  However, if left to run dry, the thermal overload switch will turn on and the pump will shut off.

In summary. The HORNET W85 line of def pumps, is the real deal. True to the TECALEMIT way, it is sleek, smart, and towers over its competitors.  If you’re tired of pumps that overheat, tired of replacing parts, and tired of working harder than your equipment, give us a call, shoot us a message, send us a smoke signal, or just stop by.  With the HORNET W85 in your corner, the only problem you will have is what to do with your spare time.        

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