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The Name Behind the PK3HD and PK5HD Oil Lube Pumps

An explanation of oil lube pumps and pump ratios

In light of the educational approach that we are taking on our lube oil tank packages, today we are going to highlight what it really means when you hear the names PK3HD 3:1 Pump and PK5HD 5:1 Pump. Our goal is to not only educate, but to empower. After reading this short blog entry, you will be able to design an ideal oil tank package and ask for it by name.


When you hear the term 3:1 and 5:1 , this refers to the pump ratio. The Petroleum Equipment Institute explains this very simply. The pump ratio is the ratio of the area of the air piston, to the area of the fluid piston. The pump ratio determines the multiplication factor between the air-input pressure of the motor and the fluid-output pressure of the pump.


For example, a pump with a ratio of 1:1, similar to our multi-purpose pump (DEF, light oils, anti-freeze), will have the same amount of air pressure coming in, as the amount of air pressure going out. And so, with a 1:1 pump, if 50 psi of air is coming in, 50 psi of air is going out. To further expand, take the pump ratio of our PK3HD 3:1 pump for example. The input pressure of 100 psi, will yield a fluid-output pressure of 300 psi.


What is the best ratio for your custom oil tank package? When designing these packages, we are sometimes asked this, but the answer is not so simple. This requires knowledge of application specifics. Our team has a survey checklist we walk through with you, so we have a clear picture of your ideal set up. For instance, what type of fluid is being pumped, how far it needs to flow, and how much air pressure is being provided… Ultimately, this will be determined by your internal team, when the project scope is being created, but we are here to guide you always.


We hope this has shed some light on the names behind the PK3HD 3:1 Pump and PK5HD 5:1 Pump. Should you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here for you.

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