Automated Inventory Management System - Wonderbox

The next Fleet Fuel Management system- Wonderbox Gen II.

Meet our next Fleet Fuel Management system, the Wonderbox Gen II..

Automated fleet fuel management system

Automated fleet fuel management system

A company is only as good as its products or services, and at TECALEMIT; we pride ourselves on both.  Our products are strategically designed based on Industry feedback, and the needs of our customers.  That’s exactly how the Wonderbox Inventory Control Management System was born.  Here at TECALEMIT, we understand the importance of tracking your product(s), and realize the unfortunate percentages that go unaccounted for at the end of each month due to inventory inaccuracies/losses.  TECALEMIT’s Wonderbox fleet fuel management provides the automated inventory tracking solution to your product usage, putting the control back in your hands to help minimize inaccuracies and losses.

This summer, we are releasing the Wonderbox GEN II, taking our existing Fleet Fuel Management Inventory System to the next level.  TECALEMIT will now offer two powerful add-ons:  Local Area Network connection (LAN) and WiFi capability.   The LAN option introduces the ease of having an easy hardwire connection via Ethernet CAT5 cable, while the WiFi option gives you more freedom and convenience.  But the hardware isn’t the only piece getting a boost.


The HD Manager 8 software, takes the same practicality and control you saw with release 7 and makes it more user friendly.   Packed with new features, the first change most users will notice is the ability to expand windows to utilize the full real estate of your computer screen. Furthermore, The new version is more icon friendly and ready for networking for remote access.  Last, the expanded version of the software will enable you to set pricing, and be printer capable.

At TECALEMIT, we’ve made it our business to make sure your business is a symbol of excellence and high quality.  With an Inventory Management System working smartly to control each drop of product, combined with the mobility that LAN and WiFi bring, you can take back the power to optimize your fleet fuel management inventory system and rid yourself of the pains of human error.


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