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The Superbox: A History of Our Multi Hose Fuel Management Hardware


TECALEMIT’s multi hose fuel management hardware was first developed to fill a demand found in our growing industry. When you need track the usage of a two tank set up, or up to a five tank set up, what are your options? The Superbox was born.


In the early days of these units being available to distributors, the five hose unit came first, as the king of value. Rewind to 2012 – this was the year where most other options in the market were limited to the usual suspects. More benefits and options meant higher costs.


The Superbox five hose system took the industry by surprise. Its invention carved a new initiative to transform the offering into a better value proposition. Because of the early adopters and the success we saw in the field, the two hose unit came roaring in right after the five hose system, to fit the need of a two hose package. Armed with the early success of the multi hose platform, TECALEMIT set out to build the next platform, based on software development for both desktop and cloud needs.


Today, the Superbox delivers a healthy presence online and out in the field. Two different systems, both boasting the same great hardware and software, with the only obvious difference in the hose configuration.


If you take a look back, you’ll remember that the two hose system was developed for two existing tank set ups. You need two pulse meters coming back into the system to be able to read the amount of gallons being dispensed. Consequently, the five tank system works very much the same way, where you now have the option to track up to five hoses. During the DEF mini bulk growth era that we saw here in the US, the five hose played a crucial role at tracking off road diesel, on road diesel, gasoline and DEF.


As we carry onward into the next phase of hardware growth, rest assured that we have your suggestions and opinions in mind. Here’s a bit of history for you… the two tank system was developed based solely on customer feedback, questions and suggestions. We turned issues into innovation, and took a value approach.


Stay tuned this week, as we dive more into fuel management and take you on a tour of the mighty Superbox. For a closer look at multi hose fuel management hardware, visit the Superbox products page on our website or give us a call. We’re here to problem solve for you!



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