Urea/Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) – December Top Stories

TECALEMIT INC USA Diesel Exhaust Fluid equipmentMorning folks… !!

It’s busy busy times…and we are now just about a week away from Christmas. We’ve had a busy season and DEF has definitely not let up on the equipment side, so in traditional  fashion we are unveiling the top Urea/Diesel Exhaust Fluid news for the month of December. That’s right, December = end of the year.  This year has certainly flown by…

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Here are the top stories ( not in order of importance):

#5 – The following entry comes from two sources, since it pertains to winter handling of Urea/ Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Read it here. We still have a lot of new folks entering the industry so let’s always keep an educational approach.  DEF and the winter months… How to prevent DEF from freezing… Read it here…

From our new friends at Cosby Oil, How to handle Urea / Diesel Exhaust Fluid during the winter months? Read it here

#4– Cummins power generation employs multiple emissions technologies to increase performance and reliability of the new EPA Tier 4 final generator sets… read it here

#3 –  This next story comes in from Integer,  posted in one of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid  LinkedIn groups.  US DEF bulk prices trend up in November as feedstock prices rebound for the first time since April.  Read story here.

#2- Our sincere congratulations to Miguel and his Australian team for nearing completion of their first blending site…GoBlue is looking ahead for multiple locations and abroad.  Check out their site…Read it here

#1– This next story peaked our interest because of all the expansions that were happening during the last 12 months into underground Urea / Diesel Exhaust Fluid tanks… It has left us searching for schematic drawings  of what these tanks look like and how to properly set them into the ground… Read it here

So, there you have once again… In traditional fashion, these were the top 5

Urea / Diesel Exhaust Fluid news stories

Enjoy it and wishing you a great Holiday season…


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