DEF Mini Bulk Storage Tank - DEF-Pro All in One

Value DEF storage & dispensing- a new eco line is here.

Value DEF storage & dispensing- TECALEMIT’s DEF-eco ALL IN ONE™ storage tank system was designed with durability in mind.  Driving a value DEF storage & dispensing unit is the new eco line of the All In One™, which is in a class of its own. If you or your customers have been waiting for the ‘right time’ to jump into the bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid pool, consider this your green light into a value DEF storage & dispensing unit.   TECALEMIT engineers have designed an economic, no-nonsense All In One™ unit that comes with everything you need and nothing you don’t.  It’s a simplified system to store, pump, and dispense DEF.  These new DEF tank packages range from 500 gallons to 2100 gallons and just like our standard ALL IN ONE™ units, each tank system ships fully assembled and is ready to go upon delivery.  Just add fluid.

As more and more fuel and lubricant distributors are recognizing the rapid growth for bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid and as demand increases, so should your supply.  This powerhouse is a perfect start-up kit for customers who are just introducing themselves to DEF and are looking for a simple setup to begin their relationship with the product.  It’s also ideal for anyone with a fixed budget or smaller work space, since the stainless steel cabinet has been removed from the equation in this particular unit.  For example, a standard 500 gallon bulk tank will take the same footprint as your 275 gallon IBC tote.

value DEF storage & dispensing

It’s no coincidence that we have equipped our DEF-eco with our formidable Hornet W85 pump, which is also compatible with lubricants, anti-freeze, windshield washer fluid, and of course Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  This one of a kind, hybrid pump has patented technology for a true self prime and a killer continuous duty cycle, which translates into avoiding premature breakdowns at your pump from extensive use, as long as you have product flowing.  15 feet of delivery hose is standard for this unit, but of course can be customized to fit the parameters of your business and the product application.  The automatic nozzle can also be swapped out for manual one if it makes more sense for its particular use.  In addition to the Industrial W85 Hornet pump, the package comes fully assembled.

value DEF storage & dispensing bulk tanks

This value DEF storage & dispensing piece of equipment creates the perfect scenario for those looking to replace drums and smaller Intermediate Bulk containers, not to mention if you offer a loaner program to your customer, the return on investment is obtained more quickly.  Those are two very practical reasons to take a long hard look at these new value driven packages, specifically designed to target those looking to get their feet wet. Don’t forget, TECALEMIT also offers a more detailed and complex unit, the original DEF-ALL IN ONE™, for those that are ready to upgrade to a more sophisticated system, and the new All In One™  with optional weights and measures. Read here. In summary, if you are reading along, you may just be primed for this new value DEF storage & dispensing units.  Shipping fully assembled, plug and play, and a the best return on investment for an entry level package.  The All In One™ family just expanded its wings.




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