Weights and Measures Dispenser Combo

Unique Equipment Request? ‘Special Projects’ is Our Middle Name

All In One Northern and Weights and Measures Dispenser Combo

TECALEMIT’s line of DEF-Pro All In One Systems have made a name for themselves in the industry for being functional and value-driven. When we combine one of these systems with our WM Pro Dispenser (weights and measures components), it’s a complete package. The WM Pro Dispenser offers a turn-key solution designed to be integrated into existing cardlock locations. Together, the result is impressive to say the least. Add to that a custom request by a customer to have the tank stand on adjustable legs suited for stairs. Now, we have a special project on our hands.

TECALEMIT’s special projects team recently completed a design combining features of a DEF-Pro All In One northern unit with features of a WM Pro Dispenser, to create one system. The customer received a 1000 gallon polyethylene tank covered with 2 inches of insulation. The tank itself sits atop a 68” x 96” painted carbon steel skid with adjustable legs. Having adjustable legs for the skid was a special request from the customer who needed a solution for placing the unit on a flight of stairs.

In addition to the tank itself, the WM Pro Dispenser gives the customer everything they need to successfully and efficiently dispense and monitor DEF. The overall system design resulted in a weights and measures dispenser combo. Take a look at some of the features of this system below.

WM Pro Dispenser Features

  • NTEP approved oval gear meter with pulse out
  • NTEP approved register with gallons & dollars on LCD display
  • Heavy duty aluminum enclosure
  • Pulse ratio: 1024/gal (standard)
  • Configurable 1000:1 and 100:1 pulse out ratios
WM Pro Dispenser

Do you have a special request when it comes to DEF, fuels, lubes/oils, or chemical equipment? Let us know and let’s work together to build you your own masterpiece.

To learn more about our past special projects designs, visit our Projects page here. For more information on our line of DEF equipment, feel free to reach out to us by sending an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or give us a call at the office at (281) 446-7300.


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